Pounds nsw

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Pounds nsw

The health and wellbeing of our residents and staff are our number 1 priority. With this in mind, our Administration Centre and many council facilities are closed. Please conduct business with Council by phone on or via our website if possible. Latest information on our response to the coronavirus outbreak. Some services are accessible by appointment only until further notice.

pounds nsw

To arrange an appointment please call The AHF has limited capacity to accept any unwanted animals, so we are asking residents to please consider all other options at this time before contacting us. We act as a holding facility for other Councils in the Sydney region. The facility also provides the opportunity for unclaimed strays to be sold or rehomed in order that they may again find someone to care for them.

For any impounded animal that the owner identifies, or has been identified through Microchip, we will issue a letter via email requesting you pick the animal up with the details of any associated costs.

You can use this letter for any proof if required for leaving your house. Phone 02 or email animal. Are you able to secure the stray dog in your yard and email a photo of the dog and where it was found? This photo, and the details of the area the dog was found, will be published on our Facebook page in an attempt to locate the owner.

No personal details will be used. For further information and assistance please call the AHF as it is currently closed for any non-essential services. Please use the nuisance cat reporting form and a council officer will determine if a cat trap is required and how this can be coordinated.

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Include the impound number of the animal you would like to adopt and we can discuss how this may be achieved during a phone interview.

Animals available for adoption can be viewed on Pets Online which can be found on the Blacktown Council website. In the current climate we ask that you exhaust all other options including reaching out to rescue groups and friends and family prior to contacting the AHF. View livestock for adoption. If you are interested in becoming a foster carer please complete and submit the below form.

Once we receive your application a member of the Animal Holding Facility will contact you to discuss foster caring. We will cover desexing and health care cost of foster care dogs and cats at a council approved veterinarian if approved by council first.

Food, litter material and other additional costs are at foster-carers own cost.

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Occasionally we receive donated pet food, if available this donated pet food is also available for foster-carers use. Volunteers contribute to a positive experience by ensuring animals are happy and well socialised which improves their chances for adoption. See our current volunteer opportunities. Phone: 02 Email: council blacktown. Coronavirus update The health and wellbeing of our residents and staff are our number 1 priority.

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Home - Blacktown City Council - Logo.Visit with our pets ready for adoption. Come meet your perfect match today! Without fostering, there can be no rescue. Every year we save the lives of over pets. Every little bit counts! Your generous donation helps animals most in need. You can help animals that we would otherwise not be able to facilitate. Our Calendar is now available, with beautiful photography by Jodi at jona. Get yours quick! The qualities of a good fosterer are: patience, understanding, and unconditional love.

Older people can make excellent foster parents; so This one of a kind Colouring Book is suitable for young and old alike, containing 22 unique portraits of dogs and cats from among the thousands that we have rescued, fostered and rehomed over the years since Buying a rescue animal saves a life. You can meet and get to know your animal before you commit to De-sexing Desexing is an effective strategy to prevent unwanted pregnancies. There is Some of these ideas may be helpful if your dog suffers from separation anxiety.

One frequently experienced problem with rescue dogs Bringing them home for the first time The very first rule — start as you wish to continue!

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Having a Our family was lucky to receive a beautiful kitten 10 years ago from Friends of the Pound. Our son Jaden Waldo and Whitney were brother and sister, lovely Maine Coon cats. Their story is both sad and happy, their age We love receiving news from our adopting Mums, Dads and kids and when Robyn Webster, a former foster carer and We adopted her in May when Coffee started life living in a car due to the no-pet-policy in rentals.

After some time living in the car, We first encountered Friends of the Pound about 3 years ago when we fostered a couple of kittens, we had Turtle is the Mum and Blackie the Son, both have been together since when Blackie came into the world Smokey was rescued from a local pound. He is a gorgeous boy.Foster Appeal. Not everyone is in a position to adopt a dog, which is why DoggieRescue runs a foster program making it easy for caring dog lovers to make an immediate difference.

Meet our top ten doggies desperate for a foster home. These are most frequently doggies who have spent a long time in the shelter and are in urgent need of some quiet time in a loving home. Become a Doggie Rescue Life Saver! Signing up as a Doggie Rescue Life Saver is an easy way to express your love and commitment to the doggies that no one else cares about.

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With your regular monthly contribution our life-saving work will continue. Click here to find out how you can help. The DoggieRescue E-Magazine is now available online! Click here.

Jono Coleman researches what can we be done to make sure our beloved animals stay off the streets. Dog Adoption Total. Cat Rescue Total. See the dogs! See the cats! Search Dogs!

Pound Animals

We are a no-kill shelter, rescuing and re-homing abandoned dogs from death row in Sydney's pounds. See the Cats! Gorgeous Doggie Gear for sale or come and browse our Doggie shop, at our shelter Ingleside. Foster Appeal Not everyone is in a position to adopt a dog, which is why DoggieRescue runs a foster program making it easy for caring dog lovers to make an immediate difference.

Dog Adoption Total 12, Cat Rescue Total Need help choosing a dog to adopt? Try our dog search!You may want to upgrade your browser.

pounds nsw

We have detected you are using Internet Explorer 10 or earlier. It is recommended that you update your browser to the latest version to get a better user experience. Find out more. Please contact the facility on 02 to arrange an appointment for a meet and greet with an animal available for adoption.

We would like to thank the community for their understanding and continuous support. Your JavaScript is disabled, we suggest you enable it to improve your Council website user experience. Site wide emergency announcement. Site wide alert announcement. Site wide alert resolved. From Monday 23 March a number of facilities have been temporarily closed. Find out about our operating hours over the Easter and Anzac Day public holidays.

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Phone number: 02 Email: council campbelltown. Pay it Expand sub menu. Book it Expand sub menu. Report it Expand sub menu. Track it Expand sub menu. Event Postponed - Thrive: Creating thriving communities Expand sub menu.

Discover Your Area sub menu. Services and Facilities sub menu Waste and Recycling Expand sub menu. Libraries Expand sub menu. Aquatics, Fitness and Indoor Sports Expand sub menu.

Campbelltown Arts Centre Expand sub menu. Facilities for Hire Expand sub menu. Child Care Expand sub menu.

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Campbelltown Sports Stadium Expand sub menu. Animal Care Facility Expand sub menu. Community Services and Programs Expand sub menu. GlenfieldRoadSharedCycleway Expand sub menu. Public notifications, exhibitions and registers Expand sub menu. The Development Application Process Expand sub menu.

Obtaining approval to build Expand sub menu. Development Certification Expand sub menu. Other information and approvals Expand sub menu. Development Online Expand sub menu. Planning for the future Expand sub menu. Fire Safety Expand sub menu. Local Planning Panel Expand sub menu. Design Excellence Panel Expand sub menu.Information relating to dog and cat ownership is available from the Office of Local Government website.

This site provides information on registering, microchipping, breeding and caring for these companion animals. More topics in this section. Additional information about general animal welfare is listed below. Welfare of birds. Welfare of dogs. Welfare of horses. NSW Code of Practice No 3 - Horses in riding centres and boarding stables Caring for horses Fire safety in stables Guidelines for minimum standards for keeping horses in urban areas: Factsheet 16 Protecting the welfare of horses competing in bush races in NSW: Factsheet Welfare of fish.

Humane harvesting of fish and crustaceans. General welfare of livestock. Humane destruction of livestock Live export and NSW Livestock flood refuge mounds Livestock transport costs - calculator instructions Model Code of Practice: Animals at saleyards Model Code of Practice: Camels Model Code of Practice: Farming of deer Model Code of Practice: Intensive husbandry of rabbits Model Code of Practice: Livestock at slaughtering establishments Model Code of Practice: The general welfare of livestock Water requirements for sheep and cattle Welfare of livestock in transport accidents Welfare scoring nutritionally deprived beef cattle, dairy cattle and their crosses, sheep and horses.

Welfare of cattle. Model Code of Practice: Farmed buffalo National guidelines for beef cattle feedlots in Australia Responsible sustainable beef production: issues facing today's beef producer Visual and manual assessment of fatness in cattle A national guide to describing and managing beef cattle in low body condition PDF, KB.

Welfare of sheep and goats. Model Code of Practice: Goats Welfare decisions for sheep. Welfare of pigs. Welfare of poultry and birds. Welfare of pest animals. National Code of Practice: Humane shooting of kangaroos.You may want to upgrade your browser. We have detected you are using Internet Explorer 10 or earlier.

General animal welfare

It is recommended that you update your browser to the latest version to get a better user experience. Find out more. Providing facilities to receive impounded and surrendered animals and promoting microchipping, registration and desexing of companion animals. Access to the Animal Care Facility is currently closed to the public unless by prior appointment.

You can book an appointment with our Customer Service Team by calling 02 Find out more or how to report.

POUND Rescue

You will be asked to complete an expression of interest form. Following a successful meet and greet with the animal, we can finalise the adoption paperwork and payment. Dogs and cats are booked into Council's contracted vet for the animal to be desexed typically the next business day. We will transport your new pet to our vet for desexing in the morning. The new owner is to collect the animal from the vets in the afternoon. There are many costs and responsibilities to consider with owning a dog or a cat, including micro-chipping and registrationmaintaining animal health worming, vaccination, regular exerciseproviding secure and comfortable housing, and caring for your pet responsibly so it does not become a nuisance to neighbours.

Before adopting a new pet you may be asked to complete an expression of interest form, this may be done at the office counter or prior to you coming into the facility. The expression of interest form is designed to help staff to get to know potential adopters better and help make sure that the animal the you are interested in would be a suitable fit for your family. The forms ask you a number of questions about your lifestyles as well as your expectations for your potential new pet. Forwarded your completed application to: acf.

Please see Looking for a pet? Our Animal Care Facility staff can accept public donations made in the interests of assisting with the comfort and well-being of impounded animals. Our customer service phones are open during the hours below: Monday: Phone: 02 Your JavaScript is disabled, we suggest you enable it to improve your Council website user experience.

Site wide emergency announcement. Site wide alert announcement. Site wide alert resolved. From Monday 23 March a number of facilities have been temporarily closed. Find out about our operating hours over the Easter and Anzac Day public holidays.This is to accommodate the expansion of the Waste and Resource Recovery Centre at Stotts Creek, with plans underway to construct a new, permanent, best practice Pound and Rehoming Centre for opening in Temporary arrangements have been made to ensure our lost and impounded animals are kept safe and well cared for.

During this time, there is NO public access to the private boarding kennel. Pet owners wishing to retrieve their impounded animals must:. Council's Rangers would like to remind all dog and cat owners to register and microchip their pets. Keeping animals is a big responsibility and roaming animals are at risk of being impounded, resulting in fines and holdings costs. View all of Council's Fees and Charges. Council in partnership with Friends of the Pound aims to rehome as many animals as possible and will continue to work with other animal rescue organisations.

For more information phone our friendly customer contact centre on 02 or It is anticipated that from mid Council will commence operations of a publicly accessible temporary Pound and Rehoming Centre on a leased private premises at Dulguigan, until a permanent pound is available in Council is improving the Stotts Creek Resource Recovery Centre so we can reduce the amount of the community's waste being sent to landfill and recover more right here in the Tweed.

This will help to limit the impact on ratepayers from the recent, well-publicised increases to the cost of processing recyclables being experienced globally, as well as the introduction of a new waste levy in Queensland.

All councils in NSW have statutory defined roles and responsibilities for managing compliance and the care and rehoming of dogs and cats under the Companion Animals Act and Companion Animals Regulation Friends of the Pound is a not-for-profit organisation who rescue and rehome animals from the Tweed Pound. Whilst a long term, co-operative partner of Tweed Shire Council, Friends of the Pound operates independently from the Pound and is solely dependent on donations and the fund-raising efforts of its volunteers.

Council is very supportive of continuing its close working relationship with Friends of the Pound as it progresses through each of the above temporary and permanent Pound relocation processes. For further information on Friends of the Pound, please visit their website at friendsofthepound. Council is taking all steps and efforts to ensure that we maintain our current high standard of service and care of our impounded animals, throughout both the temporary arrangements and development of a modern pound and rehoming centre at Eviron.

pounds nsw

Please call Council on 02 to confirm any information relating to impounded animals, to arrange for payment of any outstanding fees and to request for your pet to be returned. Under the above State legislation, all councils are required to provide an impounding facility, commonly known as a Pound, to carry out its regulatory functions for Companion Animals dogs and cats.

Councils have the option of providing this service through their own facility, or through an approved third party animal welfare organisation. Tweed Shire Council has proudly established and maintained its own Pound facility for over thirty years. An important factor in the success of the facility has been the longstanding presence of Friends of the Pound, who have provided Council with a consistent supply of hard working volunteers who assist Council staff with the care of the animals and the facility.

pounds nsw

They also provide great assistance to Council with the foster care and rehoming of those unclaimed impounded animals. Many people have the misconception that animals that are collected and taken to the Pound are automatically euthanized. This is definitely not the case. Council Rangers impound animals for a variety of reasons, including those with existing owners that stray or are lost, those involved in serious attacks, feral animals, or those that are surrendered for medical reasons, or are unwanted by their owners.


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